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Oil&gas discovery in Senegal represent a big opportunity to the country to improve life quality of inhabitants.

The market is complex and different skills and technologies are involved in development of the activities.

After +10 years in oil&gas field serving international companies like ENI, Saipem, BP, Total, TechnicpFMC, Esso, Shell, and having skills for 

Supply chain, quality control of equipments intended for oil&gas and powergen industry.
Construction supervision, which is needed in order to follow the project requirements Drone services, for land planning and monitoring

Our project in Senegal is to start a company which can deliver services to major oil&gas companies above mentioned related to consulting services Onshore and Offshore, manufacturing services and construction services, in the practical realization of welding repair and assembly of spare parts (spare parts), accompanied by conformance testing according to international standards.

To perform the activities, our intention is to use, and train local employees aided with professionals, both from our company or our partners. Also, we would like to establish a partnership with technical university in order to allow a train-on-the-job for students interested in this growing market. Using our company offices in Italy or Switzerland we can also establish a bridge in order to give the opportunity to have them train the technician in an international environment.

In addition to above, we would like to set up and start a logistic hub, mainly a paved shed. This represent a strategic point because companies need dedicated places/areas to store their equipment waiting to be installed/repaired. The creation of this hub is an opportunity to create several types of technical operators, like maintenance operator, valve assembler, painting activities, maintenance.
Our long-term project is to raise a new pool of qualified local operators/engineers which can cover different positions, from plant technician to offshore technician which can contribute to local industry and inhabitants.